Wedding Pizza Catering

We take casual pizza catering and Italian cuisine to the next level on your wedding day.

We know how to talk wedding!

From table release to the 1st dance, we will work with your wedding planners and vendors to ensure seamless planning. We will give you an unforgettable experience that your friends and family will remember.

Welcome your guests

with elegance

Welcome your guests with crudités, edible centerpieces, and various appetizers. Encourage friends and family to mingle at the bar. Design your menu here, and add some courteous servers to assist during your event.


We get it! You want the
day to be perfect.

We offer tastings at our cafe in the heart of Little Ethiopia every first Monday of the month. Our chef welcomes you to our Cafe with freshly baked pizzas. We make them on the same day just like we would on your actual wedding day. Our pre-wedding tasting event is the perfect opportunity for you to experience our food and our service. It's also the right time to discuss any add-ons and other items to enhance the experience for you and your guests.

We understand that each wedding is unique and we will work with you to meet your expectations. We will discuss specific details such as schedule, venue, and theme. We may also offer suggestions like adding on service or sides to improve your guest experience and our execution.

Important Facts about Wedding Catering

  • We recommend serving for a minimum of 3 hours: Appetizer (or desserts)1 hour & 2 hours of pizza service.
  • Appetizers are reserved for the first hour of service or cocktail hour.
  • You want to leave plenty of time for your guest to go through service and get seconds.
  • We encourage table release (and would coordinate it with your planner) as it takes time for service.
  • We love scheduling and timelines! Please keep us in the loop.
  • Additional challenges? Reach out to tell us more about your venue and our specific cooking and service area. we might consider an early set-up