Why Pizza Catering is Such a Great Option

Pizza catering is a great option when you have to get a lot of food for a big event. It brings down the cost of appetizers and such, and takes a lot less time and work to bring together. No matter the type of event you are looking at, it is possible to get a wide range of affordable options to suit even the most fastidious eater.

Wedding Rehearsal Dinners

Back in the day, these used to be formal events thrown by the parents of the bride or groom’s. However, a lot has changed since then, and now you find couples veering more and more towards casual rehearsals with cheaper menus. Pizza can be the answer here, as it so often is. With pizza as the main menu item, the event can be kept modest and fun. The cost also goes down, which is always good.

Corporate Events

Some of the corporate events where pizza is the perfect catering option are meetings and casual office parties. It is also a great way to show your appreciation to a team that has done well. Different pizzas can be ordered so everyone gets a taste of what they like, and your employees can go home on a full stomach.

Birthday Parties

You could be throwing a birthday bash for a 5-year old or a 55-year old; pizza is still one of the best things to order. In fact, with pizza catering, you can get something that is fast and casual, as well as easy to eat. Very few people do not like pizza, but the rest prefer to feel young with a stomach full of pie.


If someone has graduated and you are celebrating his or her accomplishment, get pizza. If the graduate will be going off to a new place, you can get a pizza to go with the occasion. For instance, you could try the Philly Cheesesteak if they are headed to Philadelphia; if it is Hawaii, then go with a Howie Maui; or try Buffalo Chicken when set to go off to New York.

Fundraising Events

If you are going to be feeding a crowd of people at a fundraiser, pizza catering is a good way to do that. This means you are going with a cost-effective option, so more funds are steered towards the charitable cause. Additionally, your guests do not have to bother with fine dining, and that means they can mingle. Even those working at the time can eat without stopping work.